Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Civilization V Gods & Kings: Aztec One City Challenge (Part 1)

Today, I started a game as the Aztecs on a Continents map with all other settings standard. I am aiming for a cultural victory by taking advantage of the Aztec Unique Ability, which is a small culture gain from each enemy unit killed. My strategy was to go through the Tradition policy tree: Legalism, Monarchy, Landed Elite, Aristocracy, and finally Oligarchy. I also wanted to go with a Fertility Rites/Floating Gardens/Hanging Gardens combo that would get my city to grow quickly. However, I did not expect it to grow this quickly. From about size 12 up to size 19, it only took about 4 turns to grow. My city got to size 20 by turn 134, or 475 AD.

Here is the first screenshot, showing city specs by turn 118. My production was excellent for the time: most buildings took only 3 turns and world wonders 8 turns. This caused me to go on quite a wonder spam.

The reason production was so high was because of the Religious Community belief that I had taken. By the time I adopted my religion, the city was around size 10, and grew to 15 not long after. That meant I could take the full benefit much early on, which was a huge boost to production.

The only thing not so great thus far is my science output, which is rather low at this point. World Church (+1 culture for every 5 followers outside your Civ) seems pretty weak after using it for a while. I think it needs to be changed to only 4 followers, like Tithe, or include followers in your own civilization. Let's hope that I can turn this great start into victory!

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