Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review: Lego Hero Factory 6222 Core Hunter

My local Target just got some of the new summer sets in stock, most notably the Star Wars and Hero Factory. I picked up one of the $12.99 Hero Factory set, Core Hunter. It was the most appealing set just by looking at the bag, and once I built it, it didn't disappoint. The picture below is the front of the bag: the Core Hunter looks quite menacing and it really captures your attention sitting on the shelf.

Below is the back of the bag. It shows how to enter your code on the Hero Core onto the website, and also show the head at actual size. At this view, we can finally see that the head is a Glatorian head with an axle at the top to attach the mask.

Here is a layout of the parts in the set. There are 51 total pieces, which might not sound like a lot, but it feels quite full when complete. There are quite a few unique pieces in this set. The red claws with clips look like they could be very useful in non-HF creations.

This is a side view of the finished product. It looks sleek: slightly bulky, but not overly so. However, I think the figure would look better a little longer arms or a little shorter legs. I will probably try to mod it and post my results.

And below is a battle shot between my version of Bulk 3.0 and Core Hunter. The figure is overall fairly posable and has a good amount of playability.

Overall, I really like this set, and think that any Hero Factory fan would enjoy it. There are quite a few good parts that could be used on other  HF MOCs and non-HF MOCs. I hope you all enjoyed the review of Core Hunter, and look for my upcoming mod!

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