Wednesday, December 19, 2012

AFE: List of Monarchs of the Kingdom of Rhode Island

This is a list I made that is from the future of my current timeline. I thought it would be very interesting to talk about creating an American based monarchy in this timeline, and this is where that idea took me.

Monarchs of the Kingdom of Rhode Island (1811-Present)
Oliver I (Oliver Hazard Perry) (House of Perry-Hanover) 1811-1834 [1]
Oliver II (Oliver Alfred Perry) (House of Perry-Hanover) 1834-1859 [2]
Amelia I (Amelia Elizabeth Perry) (House of Perry-Hannover) 1859-1878 [3]
William I (William Hazard Bradford) (House of Perry-Bradford) 1878-1917 [4]
Oliver III (Oliver George Perry) (House of Perry-Hannover) 1917-1960 [5]
William II (William John Bradford) (House of Perry-Bradford) 1960-1993 [6]
Charlotte I (Charlotte Amelia Perry) (House of Perry-Hanover) 1993- [7]

[1] He was married to Princess Amelia, daughter of George III after Britian wanted them to make a monarchy in order to solidify their alliance and continue goodwill between the two countries. Oliver Perry was the most charismatic and well liked of the candidates, as well as the fact that Amelia was fond of him.
[2] He was the eldest son of Oliver I. During his reign, he began normalizing relations with the FSA and France.
[3] She was the first queen to hold the throne because she was his eldest child and his son, Octavius, was generally considered to be too aggressive and power hungry to do so. She married the great grandson of the politician William Bradford and produced one son and one daughter.
[4] John Bradford had wishes for his son to become king instead of Augustus, the son of Octavius. This caused some major enough disagreements to where the Parliament had to revise ascension laws and nominate William to the throne. The royal family made an agreement by creating the House of Perry-Bradford. His major accomplishment was gaining the Oliver (Virgin) Islands. He had one son.
[5] As per the Ascension Act of 1878, Augustus' son Oliver III recieved the throne. He kept Rhode Island out of the Great American War and harbored scientific advancement.
[6] Upon Oliver III death, a Perry-Bradford got the throne. He helped to heal the wounds caused by his grandfather's house split.
[7] Only the second woman on the throne and only in late teens upon ascension. As of 2012, she is not yet married.

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