Thursday, December 13, 2012

AFE: Map of North America, 1920

Here is yet another map from my alternate universe, this time set in 1920, just before the outbreak of the American Great War.

"The year is 1920. A great war between monarchists and republicans was concluded 15 years ago, and the impacts on North America were huge. The FSA was sold the greater Toronto region and Louisiana was sold huge swathes of Rupert's Land in order to pay back the republicans who won the war. The Caribbean was also divided up between American powers after Europe lost its grip. Mexico felt betrayed by Spain, which was now known as Iberia, to the point where they wanted to cut off any resemblance to it. Mexico fell under the rule of a Nahuatlist autocrat who make reforms to implement the Nahuatl language and reject Spanish. On top of all of this was concerns over a very expansionist and autocratic Georgia..."

I should have an actual written update soon once break comes around and I get some free time back!

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