Monday, June 3, 2013

Map of North America in a US Balkanization Scenario

For a while, I have wanted to do an overhaul of my old America, the Failed Experiment timeline, which failed due to a lack of knowledge, research, and writing skill. The map below is a possible scenario of US balkanization. The point of divergence in this scenario is that the Constitutional Convention debate over how slaves would contribute to proportional representation escalated into a debate over the morality of slavery. This caused many southern delegates to walk out on the convention and a much more progressive constitution that would outlaw slavery 20 years after ratification. This caused the southern states, along with New England to go their own way, both for separate reasons. French Louisiana became a bastion for republicans and *Jacobins after a somewhat failed French Revolution analogue. They split from France with relatively little bloodshed in the 1830s and proceeded to buy a significant chunk of Alta California from Mexico who wanted the money to fund its conquests elsewhere.

This map is my first that I have actually traced borders from a image rather than using a .svg file and editing it. Through the process of doing this, I have found that I have a lot more flexibility with my cartography and can represent a wider range of my ideas now that I no longer rely purely on modern borders and the clipping mask tool. One of my main inspirations for this map making process is 1Blomma's excellent map making tutorial, where he shows his process from finding a Basemap to final product. His primary vehicle for map making is Photoshop, while tracing in Illustrator, while I use Illustrator for every step of the process since I do not feel as comfortable in Photoshop.

Also, I would like everybody to check out my DeviantArt account, where I am under the username Heptahedron. This is the only map I have on there currently, but you should browse through my favorites and check out some of the excellent maps by some of the more experienced cartographers on DeviantArt.

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