Friday, July 5, 2013

Radioactive: 2020 Democratic National Convention

The  DNC in Atlanta, Georgia wrapped up moments ago with the conclusion of Gillibrand’s acceptance speech. The convention began two days ago, with Arizona Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, who in her speech reiterated her commitment to the Democratic Party and the ideals of change and progress that it stands for, and she gave a strong endorsement for Gillibrand. She received a standing ovation at the end of her speech, showing that she has really reconciled relations with the rest of her party. Many people are also considering her a likely option to run for Senator to challenge incumbent Republican in the 2022 midterm elections. The next speech that has been widely recognized as one of the best of this years was Kentucky Senator Allison Grimes’ keynote speech. She made a fiery speech, calling for the people of America to continue Biden’s accomplishments by voting for Gillibrand, and that real change was only going to come from true progress, which poked at Huntsman’s recurring campaign message.

Just before Bennet accepted the nomination, President Biden addressed the convention, and was met with an enormous standing ovation that lasted for around a minute. He spoke about how he has made progress in his term as president, but that he also has made mistakes that he is disappointed that he must pass on, but made a huge case for Gillibrand, saying that in all of his experience in Washington, she was one of the best politicians that he ever had a chance to work with, and that is why he did not bother for primary season to even start, as a sitting president regularly would, to endorse Gillibrand. Next was Michael Bennet’s speech to accept the Vice Presidential nomination. His speech did not drum up quite as much ruckus from the crowd, but it did get him a lot of national recognition and support he did not previously have for the Vice Presidential nomination.

The biggest speech of the night, of course, was Gillibrand’s acceptance speech. The cheering was just as great as it was for President Biden. In her acceptance speech, she made a call to build an international high speed rail system opened by the end of her time in office and to make the biggest push to update infrastructure since FDR’s Works Progress Administration. She also made an even bigger call which elicited enormous cheering: she wants to put enormous funding into NASA, and encourage private space enterprise with the goal of putting man on Mars by the end of the decade. The crowd was cheering heavily and chanting “Gillibrand! Gillibrand!” as she left the stage. Overall, the convention was very strong, and it portrayed the Democrats as very enthusiastic and united behind their candidate. This will likely make it hard for the GOP have a convention as powerful as this one due to the fact it will be a brokered convention.


Polls show that Gillibrand has gained a fairly significant post convention boost, gaining the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia as Democratic leans and turning Minnesota from a Democratic lean to solid. She has also made slight gains in North Carolina and Georgia, but those are within the margin of polling error. However, she has lost some ground in Maine’s 2nd district to Huntsman, which is now polling as a toss up. She was polled against the current GOP frontrunner, Marco Rubio. It is going to be extremely hard for the GOP to get this big of a convention boost with the party going into the convention heavily divided.

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