Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tutorial Follow-Up

I was playing around some more with the graphics this morning, and I came up with some that I like better. Here is the Canadian graphic you saw yesterday. I changed the rectangle to a golden rectangle (1 to 1.68). I changed the text size just slightly smaller in the headline, and changed the background color to red for contrast. I also decreased the saturation of the lighter end of the gradient to 60% behind the headline and to 75% behind the logo. After uploading the one yesterday, I could tell it was too weak to be noticeable on most computer screens.

I also made very skinny rectangle that emulates shining metal, which was an accent inspired by the graphics in Jay/Noravea's joint TL. This is how it was done:

The gray was 175-175-175. Multi point gradients are an easy way to really spice stuff up. I also put a very light drop shadow (Effect/Stylize/Drop Shadow) below the CBC text. These are the setting I used for the drop shadow. Usually, the best drop shadow is a very light one with a dark gray instead of black color.

I liked the Canadian graphics so much that I applied it to ANN in Radioactive. This might be showing up soon. :D

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