Sunday, October 13, 2013

A House Divided: The Road to Iowa Part 2

Murkowski: "My credentials are stronger than Christie's"
Chris Bradford, ANN Contributor
30 October 2015, updated 5:24 PM EST

In an interview with our own Anderson Cooper today, Murkowski made the case that moderates should vote for her over Christie because she has the stronger credentials. She spoke about her ideas on a number of topics during the interview, with a special emphasis on compromise. She stated that "the Republican Party in its current state is too adverse or compromise, and that is what is making the American people be more favorable to the Democratic Party." She emphasized the fact that she was willing to compromise to get things done instead of "retreating to another form of partisan gridlock." In preparation for the upcoming Iowa caucuses, she also responded to a number of questions about the other candidates, especially Chris Christie, who is closest to her ideologically out of the group. She stated that he has the personality and charisma with none of the credentials to back it up, and that as the Governor of New Jersey he failed to accomplish many of the things that he set out to do.

Senator Murkowski, regularly considered the underdog in the race, has been steadily rising in polls. Many have cited Christie's potential to have an abrasive personality at times, while Murkowski holds a more agreeable personality. However, she struggles with having significantly less name recognition than Christie, and has a significant amount of ground to make up if she wants to make it big in Iowa.

Warren, Cuomo opt out of the presidential race
Chris Bradford, ANN Contributor
1 November 2015, updated 1:03 PM EST

Two national names in the Democratic Party, Governor Cuomo of New York and Senator Warren of Massachusetts have opted out of a run today. Cuomo stated that now was simply not his time, and that serving as New York's governor has been enough of a fulfillment to him. Senator Warren, who has become known for her strong progressive economic policy making, has opted out of the race because she feels that she can make more impact towards shaping laws and heading committees in the Senate than she ever could in the presidency. A number of people have expressed disappointment over these decisions not to run, as there was a lot of support building up behind each.

Now, the bulk of speculation for the Democratic field turns to Senator Gillibrand, who would command the Democratic field in polling should she run. A lot of the Clinton camp has pushed Gillibrand to run, and now with Warren out, a lot of her support base has began to push her to run. She has only responded by stating that she needs to "weigh her options carefully" and that she "has not made a decision."

BREAKING: Senator Cruz announces presidential run
Chris Bradford, ANN Contributor
1 November 2015, updated 8:59 PM EST

At a rally just outside of Houston today, Senator Cruz ended enormous speculation surrounding a possible presidential run by confirming that he will enter the race. He stated that there needs to be a "passionate conservative with the drive to get things done without sacrificing values." This ends tremendous speculation surrounding a run from him, and preliminary polling shows him at third place nationally and first in Iowa. Cruz has had a significant effect on the polling of Paul and Santorum, while Christie and Murkowski have remained relatively steady. Right now is too early to see reactions from any other candidates, but they will surely trickle in. Cruz has not hesitated in labeling Santorum as an unviable option and a candidate of the past.

8:59 PM: Santorum has responded by saying "I wish that conservatives would work together, instead of fighting amongst ourselves. Do you want a ideologically impure candidate to represent this party?"

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