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A House Divided: Contest in New Hampshire

Jindal drops out, endorses Murkowski for GOP nomination
Chris Bradford, ANN Contributor
19 November 2016, updated 3:34 PM EST

In New Orleans, former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced that he is withdrawing his name from the Republican nomination process. He stated that he is disappointed that he has to drop out, but that it is for the good of the party. In his speech, he endorsed Senator Murkowski for the GOP nomination, citing her moderate record and what he calls her “electability and relatability.” Pundits are not surprised seeing Jindal drop out, since his 6% showing was low, but some are surprised that he chose to endorse Murkowski instead of Christie. Governor Martinez’s endorsement of Murkowski, who has quite a bit of clout even considering the fact that she declined to run for president, had a factor in Jindal’s decision.

Candidates debate in New Hampshire: Christie, Murkowski, Udall, and O’Malley come out on top
Chris Bradford, ANN Contributor
22 November 2015, updated 10:07 AM EST

Both parties held debates last night in New Hampshire in preparation for the New Hampshire primaries on the 26th for the Democrats and the 27th for the Republicans. On the Democratic side, Udall and O’Malley came off as the strongest candidates based on voter polling. O’Malley pushed for nationwide legalization of gay marriage as soon as possible, and presented himself as staunchly liberal on social issues. Udall presented a very strong program for clean energy implementation as well as support for greatly reducing the scope of the NDAA (which he was a strong opponent before it was passed) and the NSA. Howard Dean received some applause for presenting a very progressive platform, but he has been criticized for being idealistic and having no substance to his ideas.

On the Republican side, Christie and Murkowski were considered to be the victors by viewer polls. Senator Cruz was by far the most vocal of the candidates and took up around half of the air time. Cruz took a very hardline conservative stance on many issues, but Murkowski and Christie responded with more moderate responses and were both willing to compromise. Christie was very no-nonsense and called Cruz’s ideas “stupid” on occasion, which got him some fans, but many people thought he was irritable and had an abrasive personality. Murkowski on the other hand came off much more polite and concise with her answers. Voters polled her, by far, the most relatable of all of the candidates, and non-issue voters, if those even exist in the primary season voter base, are most likely voting for her. Every day, Murkowski is gaining more and more support, and this could turn into a three way race if she continues her momentum.

- January 26, 2016 -

As of 7:15 PM, ANN can project that Governor O'Malley will win the New Hampshire primary. Senator Klobuchar, the victor in Iowa, is three points behind, with Governor Deval Patrick in third place and five points behind Klobuchar. Governor Dean's numbers have gone down since Iowa, which spells some very bad things for his future in this race. Here with us to make some sense of these results is our political analyst Abby Huntsman.

HUNTSMAN: I am not surprised by this result. New Hampshire was O'Malley's to win all along. However, the Colorado and Utah caucuses are next in the New Democratic schedule, where it is looking like there is a distinct possibility that Udall could make a breakthrough in both. O'Malley, if he will be his party's nominee, will have to watch this state closely come general election season, as I could see anybody in the field, aside from Senator Cruz, putting that state solidly in play.

- January 27, 2016 -

ANN feels comfortable projecting that the victor in New Hampshire will be Governor Christie. New Hampshire has been polling in his favor since the first polls were held, but Murkowski came only a percentage point behind beating him. Murkowski has risen in the ranks quickly, and the Christie camp is probably very concerned. Cruz is four points behind Murkowski, while Santorum's support base has has shrunken considerably to nine percent with many of his potential voters going for Cruz. Here with us to make some sense of these results is our political analyst Abby Huntsman.

HUNTSMAN: Of course, a Christie victory is really no surprise. He will surely put the state into play if he wins his party's nomination. However, he and Christie need to keep an eye on Murkowski. It is not likely she will win South Carolina, but Nevada is solidly in play and she could win it easily. Florida, a big delegate prize coming up, is a state where she is competitive as well. She has really come up fast and this race is quickly turning into a triopoply as opposed to the expected duopoly of the polar Christie and Cruz.

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