Monday, November 4, 2013

A New Era of Liberty - Chapter 1 (NaNoWriMo)


One could watch the Rockies in the snow on a cold winter day forever and feel content. The snow fell in light, fluffy flakes that gathered like whiffs of cotton on a windowsill and far off on the mountains, it gathered into white sheets that accented the signature flatirons that one could see from Boulder. It would be hard for any sane man to leave this lovely city, wrapped up in a blanket with some hot cocoa and the blinds open, watching the snow fall. However, this was no ordinary man.

The first thing that stood out was his hair. It was a deep brown that matched the tone of the mountains, and made a slight wave when it got just a little too long. Just below his hair was a stark contrast of eyes the blue of the Colorado sky on a famously cloudless day. These eyes burned with a passion and vigor usually reserved for a warrior in battle. His skin, even though he was white, had a slight tan to the outside that came from the days of running cross country that still carry onto his 36 year old self. There was no sign of age, and he acted as if he could be 18 for all eternity. This man was Senator Chris Keaton of the Democratic Party.

Chris took a glance at the clock to his bedside, and sighed. 6:00 AM was displayed, and the sun poked out from the east. Today was the day. The shower was quick, and he put his suit and bright green tie on even quicker. Waiting for him downstairs was a protein smoothie and granola bar, neatly prepared for him by his wife. She sported a matching green dress, and shoulder blade length blonde hair that was neatly curled.

“Good luck honey.” She smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek.

He took his smoothie and smirked in return. “Its not luck, its the Force.”

She laughed and gave him a light shove on the shoulder. “You know what I mean.”

He casually walked over to the coat closet. Sitting there was his formal coat, but hiding behind it was his high school letterman jacket. He took a nice long glance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade patch, and allowed memories of the time to return. At the time, he was more than happy to get a second of national airtime. He had experienced plenty more now.

“Still thinking about that parade?” his wife asked.

Chris gave a slight shrug, paired with a smile. “It is good inspiration.”

“Don’t be nervous! I have told you before, the people love you as Senator and they will continue to.” She took his hand and opened the door, allowing the snow chilled air to rush into the door and strike him to his senses. They stepped onto the sidewalk and began the stride towards his signature red Jeep Wrangler, a car that he had wanted ever since he could remember. Snow covered the windshield, but that issue was quickly rectified after entering the car and turning on the heat. With the engine softly beating, the couple took the U turn towards their future.

It was not a long drive to City Square, located right in the heart of the historic Pearl Street mall. A small group of dedicated supporters was huddled closely, holding signs that read Bradford for Senate. Those signs would be different in a matter of minutes. He stepped out of the car and greeted a very excited crowd, literally warmed by his presence.

“Thank you for braving the elements to come out and support me today. I have been honored to serve as your Senator for four years so far. I have fought to get America into the twenty first century by investing in clean energy, and I hope that we can wean ourselves entirely off of foreign oil. I have fought to make sure our gay brothers and sisters get the equal rights they deserve. I fought to make America into a country that every single citizen can be proud of.”

The crowd cheered, very much in support of his statements.

“I also know that I have not agreed with President Roberts on a lot of issues. Under his administration, we continue to become embroiled in more conflicts in the Middle East. Under his administration, America continues to needlessly incarcerate people into prison cities instead of helping them become fully functioning members of society. To quote the wise JFK, we must unite as one if we wish to solve the problems that plague this world! This, my friends, is why I, Chris Bradford, have decided to run for the Democratic nomination for the President of the United States. Support me now, and please continue to support me into Primary day six months from now! I know I can beat the President, and get diplomacy and respect for all fellow citizens of America and the world back in the White House!”

The crowd responded with quite the electric cheer, at least as much of one as the small group of people could produce. After a quick handshake with his eager supporters in the crowd, he got back in his car.

“And so it begins.”

“Excuse me Mr. President.” Chief of Staff Abby Huntsman entered the Oval Office as the president poured over briefings from the generals fighting on the front in Kurdistan.

“Yes Abby?” The president replied with a labored sigh.

“I just wanted to let you know that Senator Keaton announced his plans to run for President.”

Roberts smiled slightly before shaking her comment off. “He is no legitimate challenge to me. He’s not even Christian, right? Deist, or something odd like that?”

“That’s true. I would not underestimate anybody though. You should have learned that after deciding that Saddam Hussein was going to be easy to take down.”

“Don’t get sassy with me Ms. Huntsman.” He gave her a nod to the head, and a smile shortly preceded.”By the way, remember that we have a press conference to attend to in thirty minutes.”

“It’s all planned, Mr. President.” She smiled, nodded and left the room.

The president let out an enormous sigh and sat back with his hands clasped behind his head. The map of the situation in Kurdistan burned in his head. American forces had lost tremendous ground to Iraqi forces in the past month, and he had to explain this to the American people in a press conference. The last thing that he wanted to do was a troop surge, as that would put too many American lives in danger. However, he couldn’t leave the region entirely, as he had built a good relationship with the Kurdish people that have been fighting for independence. He made the decision to get some fresh air to try and clear his mind.

Outside of the White House, there was quite beautiful scenery. He could see the pink forest of Japanese cherry blossoms across the pond, and the green grass adjacent to the great presidential mansion was one of the most vibrant greens you could see. It would be hard to picture so much hate and corruption in such a picturesque place as this. One could not imagine this mansion burning with the Union Jack placed square in front, Americans fighting tooth and nail for their homeland. Perhaps that is why Americans feel the need to fight for other’s democracy. We have experienced it ourselves and everybody deserves to be where America can stand today.

The president thought he had a breakthrough, but it was not so. He thought how poor the American people would take that explanation, but that he had no other one to offer. Taking him out of a trance was a ever nervous secret service officer, nudging him to the fact that the press was ready to speak to him. Checking his phone, the president gave a nod to the officer. He took a deep breath as he followed him back into the White House and into the briefing room.

The cameras flashed in his eyes as soon as he stepped in the room. So many reporters had notepads, tablets, and microphones in hand, and there was something fierce in their eyes, like they were a group of hungry lions ready to pounce. The endless drone of reporters calling “Mr. President!” began as he stepped up to the podium and adjusted his microphone. He gave the hand signals for the sound to quiet down, and as the sound disappeared the void was seemingly filled with tension as they waited to pounce on his every word.

“I know that the American people deserve to know what is going on with our mission to guarantee the Kurdish people their natural rights and rights to self-determination. It has been a mission in which many noble American men and women have stepped up to the plate to show how America can truly be a force for good. The leadership in the Army, Marines, and Air Force have all told me that America is holding up, but the winds are not blowing in our favor. In any battle, we will have ups and downs, and right now is our biggest down yet.”

The reporters and their raucous call for the president to answer their questions fired up after his last statement, but he had to forcefully cut them off again. An audible breath was drawn before he proceeded to speak.

“I can promise you that this situation is not permanent. As I speak, my generals are coordinating and reviewing plans to get the right ones in action that will push back the front that the Iraqi forces have set. This fight will not be easy, it will surely be arduous. In order to make this easy as possible however, I have decided to ask Congress to approve a troop surge in order to get us to where we need to be by 2012. America has always chosen to fight for liberty across the world. We have fought on our own soil, and the struggles we have been through have made America into the bastion of liberty it is today. It is an honor that we can help other nations lift into the prosperity that liberty offers, which will make the world a better place. Thank you for being here today, I will not be answering any questions at this time.”

The prodding drone of the collective body of reporters surrounded the president until he escaped the room. The reaction to his idea was not necessarily positive, he could feel that from the energy in the room after he finished speaking. The conviction still stood in him as strong of the vision of the White House burning at the hands of the Union Jack, nearly 200 years earlier.

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