Thursday, January 2, 2014

A House Divded: Election Night in America (2016) - Conclusion

10:35 PM EST

With 96% of the votes reporting, the state of Colorado and its nine electoral votes can finally be called for Murkowski. This is a narrow margin of victory, at just over 2%, and an enormous victory for the Murkowski campaign. She managed to have a fairly strong showing in the Denver suburbs, especially the southern ones surrounding Centennial, and a slightly better than expected performance among Hispanics in areas Denver and north up to Longmont and Fort Collins are very likely the big factors that flipped the state. Now only Iowa remains, it will end up deciding who is the next President of the United States.

12:07 AM EST

With almost all votes reporting, we feel comfortable calling, based on current data, the state of Iowa and its 6 electoral votes, thereby making Senator Lisa Murkowski the projected President-Elect. She will win the state by an extremely narrow margin of victory at less than one percent and less than 80,000 votes. The same types of things which have secured her victory in states like Ohio and Colorado are looking to be in play here as well. There will be an automatic recount tomorrow morning based on how close this victory was, but we still feel comfortable with the current data provided to make a projection.

Along with out big projection of Murkowski as President-Elect, we are ready to finalize some Senate results, and we can conclude that the Democratic Party has a net gain of two seats. A big call, and one that was only finalized minutes ago, is that former Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada has defeated Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada. It was looking like Reid was going to be fairly safe, but Sandoval had a strong base in support in Nevada that he was able to revitalize. He capitalized on support in the Hispanic community, and attempted to paint Reid as being outdated with Nevada's interests. Another important help was surrogate campaigning for Murkowski, and even though she did not win Nevada, her support of the ticket was important.

Although the Republicans made a big victory in beheading the Senate Democrats for the time being, they had a net loss by losing three other seats. Senator Johnson in Wisconsin lost to Ron Kind, Senator Toomey of Pennsylvania lost to Kathleen Kane, and Senator Grassley of Iowa lost to Chet Culver. The Iowa Senate result is especially interesting regarding the narrow victory of the Republicans in the Iowa presidential race. However, Senator Kirk of Illinois will very narrowly be reelected over challenger Lisa Madigan. Now the battle will begin for who will lead the Democratic Party in the Senate, as the Senate is the only portion of the federal government which remain in Democratic control.


We can now officially wrap up Election Night in America. After tonight, we are going to start seeing major changes in our Federal government. We will have a Republican in the White House, not to mention the fact that this will be the first time a woman will be President and Vice President. There is also  a very competitive decision for Senate Majority Leader that will dictate much of what President-Elect Murkowski can accomplish with congressional Democrats. We would like to thank everybody who has watched this unfold with us tonight, and we hope that you will stay with us to watch the transition of power that will take place over the next few months.

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