Tuesday, February 18, 2014

True Patriots: the Rise and Fall American Conservatism Teaser

Here is a sneak peak of my upcoming timeline, a project that I have been planning for a while. Do not, worry, I am not finished with A House Divided, but it is on indefinite hiatus while I will be in the thick of this TL. Expect it to be one of the most insane roller coasters of a 2016 election in any of the multiverses!

true patriots the rise and fall of conservatism in america

Stage lights are bright, hot, and generally unpleasant. They are even more unpleasant when the lights of the entire nation shine, revealing the greatest depths of one's abilities and flaws.

Under these lights, former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas felt the heat the greatest.

The moderator swallowed and spoke. "Governor Huckabee, how do you respond to accusations that you are not fit to be this party's nominee, and that you are past your prime?"

The moderator's question had caught him off guard. He was sweating profusely, and his stomach felt like a bowling ball that was ready to roll straight into the gutter. He swallowed hard before taking a breath, while carefully forming his response. "I think that I am perfectly capable, and the best man to be this party's nominee. I... I have the best conservative record, and I have stuck to what I believe in and to what will get this party back into the White House."

"Any rebuttals?" The moderator eyed each of the candidates carefully.

"I have to disagree Governor, my conservative credentials are stronger, and I think I have best what it takes to put us into the White House." Senator Ted Cruz of Texas stood like a lion, ready to pounce on Huckabees every word. "What this party needs is somebody who has stood firm in what they believe and what is best for America, not somebody who has been tried and failed. Don't get me wrong, I fully respect what Governor Huckabee did and his strong faith in God, but he tends to alienate many Christians who are not Southern Baptist. If we want to win and make sure that America remains steadfast to the Judeo-Christian values which we have built our foundation upon, then we need a man who will bring Catholics, Protestants, and Eastern Orthodox together to fight for these values. The American people and this party have seen me fight against the tyranny and the bureaucratic, lumbering, and overreaching government the Obama administration has created. I call for a return to what we were made of! A time when taxes fit on a page and when people were free to live and economy free to grow without interference from an overreach of government!"

The senator elicited some cheers from the crowd, even though any manner of applause from the audience was forbidden.

"Well, what is wrong with appealing to Southern Baptists? You have to have the heart of religion in America behind you if you want to win." Huckabee clearly appeared stressed at this point while Cruz was indefatigable and continued to refute him and the other Republican candidates.

The Republican presidential debate, held on November 11, 2015, left a largely indelible mark on the minds of many Republicans, in Iowa and across the nation. Cruz appeared to be by far the most collected of the candidates while still displaying passion and vigor that excited the conservative base. The only other candidate who really showed themselves that night was Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who made some passionate points for abolishing the NSA and repealing the Patriot Act, which none of the other candidates stood behind a hundred percent.

Some criticized Cruz for being far too harsh, and for not giving a lot of respect to the other candidates. He stated that he needed to let the Republican Party know where the right direction is, and that they cannot win by nominating a weak moderate who panders to too many people and has no true values to stand for in the general. It was clear that he was not in this to merely give conservatives a voice, but he was here to create a climax to the conservative revolution started by Goldwater and championed by President Reagan.

Who do you support for the upcoming Republican primaries?

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas - 20.2%
Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky - 20.1%
Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin - 18.7%
Former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas - 15.6%
Governor John Kasich of Ohio - 13.5%
Undecided - 11.4%

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