Alternate History Timelines

America, the Failed Experiment: A timeline that discusses how a continued Articles of Confederation lead to the dissolution of the United States, and how history beyond is affected. Below are links to the chapters in chronological order.

Chapter 1: Go Ahead, Blame It on the Horse
Chapter 2: There is Compromise, Then There is Rhode Island
Chapter 3: Courts Under Crisis
Chapter 4: The Warwick Revolution
Chapter 5: The Committee of Prison Stormers
Chapter 6: Virginia's Last Straw

The Caliphs of Cordoba: A timeline about how a reassertion of power by Hisham II in 1008 prevents the caliph from disintegrating into many taifa kingdoms, and therefore creating a surviving Muslim Iberia. Over the course of history, it becomes central to leading exploration, colonization, and the development of Muslim/Christian interactions.

Chapter I: The Rise of Hisham II
Chapter II: Hisham II's Reign Leading Up to the First Berber War

Radioactive: the World and Politics of the 21st Century: This is less of a alternate timeline, than a future one. The timeline begins at a battle between Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kelly Ayotte for the presidency in 2016, and branches out from there into all kinds of different tings the future will bring us.

2016 Primaries and Caucuses
2016 Running Mates and Conventions
2016 Presidential Debates
President Biden's First Year
War in Korea
Kicking off the 2020 Primary Season
2020 Super Tuesday
Wrapping up 2020 Primary Season
June-July 2020

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